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26 years deep. so much has happened within this year already. i wanted to announce the rebrand of my photography business on my birthday, so if you're reading this, thank you for checking out my new website. the rebrand sprung from many perspectives. i'm going from motvd to jacob e. tovar. jacob e tovar is my God given name. no, i'm not giving up motvd, i still have the domain for like 6 more years and i hope it can grow into a creative project down the road. in addition to the rebrand, the website is complimented by a photo book. my rebrand photo book is on SALE. within the book i explain the reasons why i love portraiture and what it means to me.

being 26 kinda feels a little different. yeah, growing up we have the big one at 16, then 18 & finally 21 but i personally feel like 26 should also be mentioned. in the united states, 26 is the magical year people get kicked off the parents health insurance haha, if you're a freelance artist you know exactly how i feel. this birthday has also been one for the books, this birthday has been like no other. the state of the world right now is gnarly. the corona virus, covid-19, has shifted so many things in this world. i hope and pray for brighter days.

i don't want too much when it comes to my birthday, i don't want much in general, the only thing i genuinely want is for the state of the world to get back to normal.

i don't sell prints so my main stream of income is through photography, working and shooting for people. but this book means the world to me. it is the same concept as holding a cd or vinyl in your hands and admiring the music along with the art work. my book will make an amazing gift, coffee table book, even a great addition to your library.

the 26th birthday will always be a year i look back on being sheltered in place at home with my family, times like this are such an eye opener.

God is good, thank you for another year.

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