The relaunch of this website along with this photo book marks a new chapter in my creative career. A REBRAND. When I was 19 years old I created the social media handle @motvd (short for motivated). I'm 26 now and Jacob Ernest Tovar is my God given name. Shooting portraiture and emphasizing on telling YOUR story via my lens made me think about my own name. I, myself am always changing as well, as a human and especially as a photographer. @jacobetovar is the next chapter in my creative career. As far as the book, i've always had a passion for making books, collecting other artistic books and especially holding my work in my hands. I believe printing your work and feeling something tangible has a more drastic effect on the viewer than via computer or phone screen. In the book is my most recent, most favorite work i've produced in the last few years. Parts of the book elaborate on the mountains of Banff National Park, sitting off ledges looking down into Yosemite Valley and finally, speaking on my heart, my hometown of Bakersfield, CA.