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Native to California, born and raised in Bakersfield but always looking for a reason to travel.


I love meshing natural color palettes with natural light. 

I'm a Portrait photographer & Wedding photographer, I also dabble in 35mm & 120 film mainly for personal projects but if you want to be photographed on film, i'd love to! 


Portraiture - As humans we're always growing, we're always developing. We look different today than we did a year ago. Having the opportunity to photograph a life event  for you is such an honor of me. Understanding the reasons why you do what you do and learning about your story allows me to tell your story better thru my lens. I do this for you, I do this for the people. I do this for the stories and genuine friendships i've made along the way.


Sharing your story as if you're telling it is my ultimate goal and top priority. That is what portraiture is to me. 


More about me,

1. I'm 26 years deep, shout out 90's babies. 

2. I love shooting black and white 35mm film, my favorite stock is Kodak Tri-X 400. I also develop and process my own B&W film.

3. Soccer was my first passion, playing since 4 years old. I played competitively throughout my teenage years. Real Madrid C.F. are my boys. #HalaMadrid

4.I'm a Canon guy. Initially I started off with a Canon Rebel t2i, eventually upgrading to a 5D Mark III.

5. Community is everything to me, I enjoy talking art and photography with anyone. I've hosted community photography meet ups, facilitating the connection between the visual artist and the model.

6. I'm a co-founder of ONCORAGE. We're a collective with goals to create an educational and collaborative hub for creatives to grow their skills passionately and professionally. In addition to a collective, a part of our foundation is our publication. We're working on volume II with the first volume selling over 100 copies world wide. 

7. Coffee is always the move, i'm a nitro cold brew dude but if you want to try something new, 10/10 would recommend mixing cold brew with sparkling water. 

8. MUSIC, idk where to start. Music is a huge avenue for inspiration. My taste in music is all over the map, from John Mayer to Travis Scott to Juanes. I love indie rock, alternative, hip hop / rap and even Spanish rock. I have playlists for every mood on Spotify. 

9. My favorite photographers and biggest inspirations are my family and friends. There's something about taking trips with homies, waking up before the sun is up and driving to the location, hyped off a cup of coffee and good music. 

10. I love wearing bolo ties for my Native American ancestors. 

As much as i'd love to tell you my story and share my passion with you, it is challenging to do that over text. If thinking about working together, let's please hop on a Skype or Facetime call, better yet, having a sit down consultation over coffee is always a win. 

Please feel free to contact me, share your story, let's get to know each other and work!